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    In addition to FileMap support, the download manger itself has advanced preferences, allowing support for http ( deflate compression ), ftp ( active, passive, compression ), SOCKS4, 4a, 5, http-proxy, SSL (currently using XySSL a developing project, much simpler to compile than OpenSSL), and therefore https, ftps (implicit), FTPES (explicit), using multiple network interfaces ( for different outgoing connections ), and support for user-defined sockets, for instance tunneling any supported application protocol, over any transport protocol ( e.g. https over SOCKS5 over another SOCKS5 ), which of course means proxy-chaining is possible. Also planned is an option to resolve DNS queries a specific DNS server, as opposed to the system, (preventing DNS leaks when using a proxy). An asynchronous socket queue is used to keep the incoming socket buffer as empty as possible. Bittorrent support is planned as a separate download handler, not as a protocol under the regular download manager. RSS Feed for FileMaps and regular downloads is planned.

    It also acts a normal download manager, possibly plugged into browsers, support for the Metalink specification, multiple connections, multiple sources ( Segmented downloading ).
Interface in written in wxWidgets, planned support for multiple languages, already supports Unicode, extensive use of XRC, plan to use XRC as a layout skinning platform, e.g. user can use a custom XRC file, planned icon skinning using wxArtProvider, e.g. user can provide custom icons in a png file, same with fonts (wxFontMapper), and colors (wxColourDatabase).


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